January 6, 2018

This weekend we packed up the Christmas boxes, did a bit of cleaning, got rid of old items (that I probably should’ve thrown away last year), and readjusted each space in our home.

Funny thing is, every year, when the Christmas decor comes down, it’s inevitable that what was there before Christmas won’t be the same as before! It’s not that I have so much that’s brand new to add, but more so I start readjusting what was there according to where I’m at now.

Each new year makes me feel like I really have reason to add a new freshness that comes even from the slightest adjustment to what was there before. 

That got me thinking…

The new year doesn’t have to involve handfuls of giant goals and all things new.

It can be a mix of the old that reminds us of where we’ve been and the new hope for a fresh start one day at a time.

It’s certainly not bad to have goals and set your sights high for this year, but with the more life I live, the more I realize that the biggest changes in our lives, our businesses, our work and our perspectives come because of habits and lifestyles created a little bit at a time.

One degree change. 

It just might get us further than we ever expected, and someday we just might look back and be amazed at what we find.

So as you head forward into 2018, take with you the joys and lessons learned in the past year and don’t be afraid to move into the new year with even the smallest adjustments that align each day into more of the life you want to live.

2018 holds some amazing opportunities for growth in our team, travels to new places, intentional design, and so many lovely and life-giving experiences we’ll help create. There will be challenge, tears, and heartache too. I’m sure the same could be said for all of us. 

In the midst of the noise that surrounds us, let’s remember where we’ve been and continue, fearless, into each new degree of change.

And let’s not forget to celebrate along the way! 

Reply to this journal with what are you hoping to find one degree change in this year. I’d love to hear where you’re headed!

With gratitude & excitement for the best year yet,